Posted on   23 January 2014

BENGALURU: Translational loss, due to foreign exchange fluctuation, of Rs 7 crore and an exchange rate adjustment demand for transponder payments amounting to Rs 5.4 crore added to the higher q-o-q loss of Rs 30.4 crore reported by India’s largest DTH service provider Dish TV India (Dishtv) for Q3-2014. Last quarter (Q2-2014), the company reported slightly more than half (52.6 per cent) of this loss at Rs 16 crore. Loss for Q3-2014 was however 15 lower than the Rs 44.9 crore reported by Dish TV for Q3-2013.

The company had higher q-o-q depreciation and amortisation expense by Rs 12.42 crore, higher selling expenses by 7.4 crore, paid more commissions by 3.93 crore, incurred higher other selling and distribution expenses by Rs 7.39 crore, paid higher license fees by Rs 1.53 crore for Q3-2014 vis-à-vis the Rs 20.24 crore increase in standalone revenue during that period.

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