We believe effective professionalism stems from excellence in education and the Education Zone will cater to those students who aspire to have a successful career in television, film, and associated disciplines.

The Indian media and entertainment industry has gone far ahead when compared with that of previous years, which makes it clear that the demand for qualified and trained media personnel will increase in the coming years.

The International School of Media will be established in collaboration with prestigious European Universities, for imparting training in various disciplines of electronic media and film. Certificate and diploma courses are set to provide training in direction, audiography, cinematography, television production and management, editing, production control, art direction, scripting, broadcast engineering, broadcast journalism, television anchoring, radio and video jockeying, social media management, animation, and advanced special effects.

Moreover, the School will provide career guidance services, internship opportunities, and campus selection through prestigious media networks. Students will also avail tutelage from renowned media professionals and academicians who will lend the curriculum their global perspective and exceptional approach to communication studies.

The curriculum which relies on theoretical modules will be supplemented by practical hands in training, in the studio and in the post-production infrastructure available within the Media City. Thus, it enhances the content and delivery of the course and ensures job readiness on completion of the course.

The courses in various disciplines of media will be supervised by renowned international educationist, Dr. Vidhya Vinod, CEO & Executive Director of Study World Education Holding, Dubai. (AIP of Heriot-Watt University of Edinburg)

Insight Media City will launch a news and current affairs television channel and other providing round the clock entertainment, both high definition. Both conceived as server based and tape less, these television channels and their mode of functioning and content design will be delivered by over 100 well established media professionals from India. The ideation and conceptual design of this project is the brain child of R. Sreekandan Nair who has enthralled malayalee audiences in world and beyond with his quick wit, quirky insights and interactive talk shows. The Television Zone will Endeavour to fulfill the challenge of providing innovative entertainment to television audience and expand the realm of their experience, hitherto unexplored.

The Movie Zone will focus on procurement, production and distribution of feature films, telefilms, documentaries etc. and also aim at procurement of satellite right of films, for telecast. Audio release of film labels, festival albums and their distribution is also on the anvil with a view to target good film labels in India.

Creating, branding and delivering events at venues across the world

Specialize in the hosting of infrastructure and support services on long term lease, to be created on 5 acres of the Media City. Multinational media entities desirous of establishing an operating base in the south of India would have access to world class facilities.