FLOWERS , a 24 hour Malayalam entertainment television channel is now in your living rooms and transform Malayalam television with it's offering of shows, serials, movies,music and much more ! Channel surfing will soon be a thing of the past,with an array of shows on FLOWERS that will not just entertain, but become a constant conversation with your life and times. The logo of the channel was unveiled on the 21st of November at the Taj Vivanta, Thiruvananthapuram in a glittering ceremony attended by eminent personalities and media luminaries as also the promoters of the project. Shri Gokulam Gopalan will grace the channel as chairman and his inimitable vision and expertise will guide and inspire channel operations.

FLOWERS is our commitment to redefining and providing world class entertainment to Malayalis the world over. Entertainment that reflects the Kerala of today and brings home the promise of tomorrow. Entertainment that stirs your imagination and curiosity and inspires positivity and engagement with our world and it's issues. Formats that will take us on a path of rediscovery of .... our own mother land anew. This discovery will pernennially seek answers to many of the questions that daunt modern life ,our vision intrinsically guided by social and psychological transformation for a better world.

FLOWERS is an amalgamation of several life concepts. An expression of our contemporary world and it's joys and dilemmas. Of many that are age old, yet relevant to the world we live in today. The stories we tell are of people that you will meet in your world and daily life,their attitudes and perspectives in a tone and tenor that you will recognise and identify with. Say goodbye to negativity ,to the portrayal of regressive values and characters from an era bygone. Welcome all that is real, strong, intuitive and compassionate. The formats we are creating will engage ,inspire and delight. The young , mature and the elderly....every generation will find it's voice here. We are going to be an indelible part of your life in the very near future !

FLOWERS will utilize the potential of world class technology to create high definition content and never before formats be with superior production values. While the content will be inspired by the artistic, cultural and intellectual ethos of Kerala ,the technical output and formats will match the best standards in the Indian television industry. Under way is the construction of the two largest studio floors in South India in Thiruvaniyoor,Cochin. Our talented and extremely creative programming team is currently designing ingenious formats and sourcing television anchors ,artists and creative personnel for channel operations.So, get set to be swept away into a new world of high adrenalin as we bundle technology and innovation to create unforgettable viewing experiences for you.

We believe that FLOWERS and the business of broadcast media is a unique opportunity to embrace and reflect the values of universal and mutually supportive co existence, that will herald an era of healthy competition free from the shackles of antagonism and conflict and our promoters and team members are defined by this perspective and attitude to work and life.

Say Hello to a new world and values that inspire ! Your life will soon have a new goes by the name FLOWERS !

Twentyfour News is a 24-hour Malayalam news channel owned by Insight Media City. It was launched as test in 2016 and has an online portal. Launched officially on Dec 8, 2018, the channel is headquartered in Kochi. Channel has studios in Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram, and has bureaus around the globe. The channel is promoted by Sreekandan Nair, a prominent Malayalam television anchor. and Alungal Muhammed is the chairman of Twentyfour. is a 24-hour Malayalam news channel owned by Insight Media City. Insight Media City also own the popular Malayalam entertainment channel Flowers TV.